Blue Heron – common sight on Willapa Bay

Our famous Blue Heron out on the bay. They do stand for hours and hours like that till they catch what it is they are looking to catch. Watching them take off in flight is awesome, they are such big birds. I visited our and learned that we have164 known bird species out here in our Willapa Estuary on the Willapa Bay. Our home is located in Bay Center on the Willapa Bay where the Pallix river fords into the Bay on one side and the other side is the Willapa Bay that separates our finger of land from Long Beach peninsula. If the Long Beach peninsula, which is a long, thin finger of land not there, Willapa Bay would meet up with the Pacific Ocean

First photo of Willapa Bay – our home in Bay Center

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photo taken by my husband, August 2004, dusk on shoreline Willapa Bay where we lived in Bay Center, WA