Portland, Oregon

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Sunday visit to Portland, originally planned as day trip to see autumn colors. But the agenda was rain rain rain.Went anyway to visit stepson Chris in his new apartment in Beaverton/Tigard area near Portland, Or.

All day visit including awesome buffet at Sweet Tomatoes which is in reality an all-you-can-eat salad bar with strong vegetarian emphasis since only meat was in salads.

Then drove to Portland State University campus where Chris is enrolled p/t while he is employed.

Finally back to his apartment. For some reason his computer has no word processor and – per Chris – spell check (says he needs it most). So my wife – his mother,  sat down at his computer and …
(1) Got him a Yahoo email address.
(2) then sent him an invite to Gmail (which we both have)
(3) That allowed him to get gmail address AND open a google program for himself called Britely (an online word processor).

So now he has one.
We drove home in the rain and dark(125 miles), arriving at 10:00.

Oh, and vacation ended Friday. Back to work tomorrow.

Deersong’s husband