End of frenetic work week

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My office is tiny. At one point years ago there was talk of “foot-printing” the office which meant reducing staff to a size where one or two workers would accept applications and forward to a parent office in Aberdeen.

Never happened thanks to reality checks and timely political intervention. However, staff continually reduced and our actual size is less than “foot-print.” More like “toe-print” as my wife likes to say.

Last week, my first week back from vacation has been a buzzing nightmare. Complicated by receptionist on vacation and leadworker’s need to replace receptionist which moves me up the list to leadworker’s backup receptionist. I work reception during leadworker’s breaks and lunch hour.

Twas the wrong week. I never fully brought the vacation backlog up to currency, was constantly flooded with scheduled and unscheduled but unavoidable client interviews.

I’ll be playing catch-up for another week or so. Makes me feel very reluctant to take any vacation at all – rather, spread time out to 3 or 4-day weekends as an alternative.

Seriously …

Deersong’s husband