In Memory; Saying Adieu to my Dad

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My Dad passed Jan 16, 2006. Much more than that I don’t want to share here. I made a website to honor him and memorialize the tributes from family. Celebrating Charles L. Ellsworth (Charlie)

The memorial service was well attended by every member of his family along with their families and some of his most dear friends. Everyone contributed and made sacrifices to be there for both Charlie and my mother.

A time of passing and the ache left behind is life-changing. Where does the living essense and spirit that is life pass on to……age old question. Many continue to feel Charlie’s presence even after we know his spirit passed out of his body and his body no longer lives. Many speak of strong feeling of knowing he has spoken to them from his new place and reassured them all is well.

I reconcile the loss of him in my own way. … and for now I’m thankful that I painted several fishing village type scenes with him in mind, including the one I gifted to him while he was alive. I have it back with me now, it soothes me to know the painting meant something to him. I’m thankful that I took time out of busy-ness over the holidays to spend some valued time with him and my mom. …there is never a way to know if it will be the last memories…