In the Pink – oil painting in vintage setting

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My most recent oil painting drying in the kitchen.  I didn’t name the painting ‘in the pink’, although it does have pink tones in the sky and water.  But sitting on my pink formica table with chrome pink chairs, ‘in the pink’ seems to fit for this photograph.  The oversized Ball blue mason jars in the background were a find from antique shop a week earlier.  The card is artwork note card my stepdaughter created and send me for Mother’s Day.


Acylics or Oil? Giving Acrylics a try ….

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Trying my hand at acrylics. Reason; well oil painting can be rather toxic from what I hear and read, and you know, I’m just getting along in years and not too anxious to gunk up my lungs and system. I also have read that Bob Ross designed his wet on wet paints and thinner not to be toxic, so maybe I’m safe to continue using those products. Adapting the wet on wet technique of oil painting to acrylic paints, which dry quickly and less the medium of the oil which permits the paint to blend and stick to paints already on the canvas. I’m at a disadvantage.

Three acrylics, and I really do not have the ‘art’ of photographing my paintings, so pardon my amateurish photography. Early efforts with acrylics;

Two new oil paintings – just finished and still wet – unoriginal title of ‘Cabin by the Lake’

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After a too long time away from my paints, brushes, and the messy operation that is oil painting, yesterday I completed two paintings. The paintings I’ve accomplished grow fewer and fewer over the years since 2006. Lots of reasons why, but I hope this change in momentum means ‘I’m Back’!

I sought out the old painting clothes and found I’ve outgrown them (that means I weigh more now than I did when last I wore them). Time to set aside another set of painting attire, in larger size.

Painted this scene in 16 x 20 size. And then painted the scene again in 11 x 14 size, although it has variables from the larger size, making both ‘originals’.
I took photo of the larger size and the paint is still Wet!

The house just doesn’t have much accommodation room for paintings to dry. There is the cat who can jump up anywhere, so the paintings need to be in a room with a door that closes. And as I looked around the house, I see we don’t have many ‘roooms’ that have doors that close. Then there is the odor of oil painting that can permeate the air. If I’m going to paint frequently, I need to figure out the logistics for these challenges.

So we put the Wet Painting on top of a wardrobe (a place the cat has not yet figured out how to climb) and I snapped a few photos … not very good photos due to the angle of looking up at the painting, and the paint is still ….. well Wet!



More bread, more jerky, and online stuff

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Completed preliminary work on two new blogs to replace two current blogs eventually. Idea is creation of new blogs more amenable to commercial intent with blogads, amazon books an downloaded E-books and or PDF files created by me and sold via PayPal.

In afternoon I escaped to the kitchen, made some more bread and put more jerky in the drier.

My lovely wife still in paint mode but had phone conference that ultimately interfered with painting yesterday afternoon.

Nice weekend.

Deersong’s husband

Saturdays always fun. Sleep in and get creative.

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Dallied with online blogs in prep to creating one or two commercial blogs with an attempt at ad revenue, marketing things and books thru Amzaon and prepping to put together E-books and/or pdf files of my writings. These would be available as downloaded PDF or E-Book files for a price.
I already have the E-book compiler on both my wife’s and my computers.

By late afternoon my Sweetie was ready to paint so we went downstairs to her new “painting studio” where she continues to amaze me with what I would term her confident painting in which she completes her works more rapidly and seems to be creating more from memory than the picture model she still picks out and uses.

The ideas flow freely and her eyes and hands fill in the blanks. Yesterday’s was an impressive autumn color painting that I in fact was dazzled just after she finished preparing the trees and the misty woods without adding any leaves to the branches. The effect was powerful.

I got caught up in working on muse stuff and poetry prompters so the next time I turned around she’d created a cabin, a dock and reflections on the water in front of the cabin and autumn trees.

Back upstairs for ad-lib supper. Ad-lib supper is where we each grab whatever wwe want. She opted for homemade jerky, licorice and a large bowl of raisin bran. Earlier I’d made potatoes, onions, eggs, cheese and bacon – a breakfast I make quite often.

So neither of us were famished. I made a box of cheap (Western Family) macaroni and cheese and stirred in a can of green beans to give it more volume with the M&C was ready.

Watched some TV and went upstairs. Bored, I put on my Age of Kings game and got so caught up that when I looked at the clock is was after 1:00 AM. Went down stairs where I could hear the TV, thinking I’d find her deep asleep on the couch.

Nope … “Hi Honey, I could hear you up there.!”

She was watching National Geographic about insect swarms. We put the TV on in the BR and I know I fell asleep first.

Deersong’s husband