Can School Heal Children in Pain?

Aces study — Adverse Childhood Experiences. I’m excited about this study and more excited about the success showing in schools choosing to implement trauma-sensitivity training. It’s not so much about yet another program, it’s that I know the positive effects those singular moments can have on a child living with a trauma-based life when an adult reaches out. I’m happy to see progress made on such matters in my lifetime. Simple enough, powerful enough in giving child resilience to withstand the trauma, moving away from the trauma moment to learning moments!

ACEs Too High


After learning about the overwhelming effects of childhood trauma, I decided to make a film about a school that’s adopted a “trauma-informed” lens.

Documentaries are no walk in the park. They take a lot of time and money; they have a way of making a mockery out of your narrative plans. They must share the attention of an audience that is increasingly losing more and more of it.

Why bother? It’s a good question. For me, I have one simple bar that all my films must clear: an “oh my God!” moment. If a story does not elicit that reaction from deep within my bones, I don’t do it. I count on that sense of awe, concern, wonder, and alarm to carry me through the long haul of making the film. To do otherwise, well — it just seems stupid.

After three years of hard work and uphill battles, my latest documentary…

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