Man’s Best Friend: A Memorial

Our dog, Jake, an aussie, lived 15 years with us. At his end time, yesterday, in his last day, we took him back to his home region, to his Vet in Astoria, Oregon, and we let him go. My husband wrote an amazing tribute to some of the Jake stories we shared along his years. His tribute says it well, says it best.

Growing Old Ain't as Sedate as I Expected

Jake and Mom take a showerJake and Mom take a shower

On a day at work some 14 years ago my sweetheart and I were contacted by friends who advised us that there was a six month old beautiful dog being held at a local veterinarian’s office. He was picked up on Highway 6 East of Raymond and brought in to the vet. Apparently vagrancy for a dog carries capital punishment and we were given to understand that if no one claimed the dog within 4 days he would be put down.

Sweetheart required that we immediately go over to the vet’s and see the dog.  He was a 50-pound Australian Shepherd who looked like Lassie but with a shorter and blunter nose and ears. Sweetheart fell in love with him but I thought him too big and too rambunctious … and was overruled.

I was allowed to name him and after rejecting the idea…

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