Wow, a store opened in our village!

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I told you we had no stores in our little fishing village community, just the one tavern and a KOA campground, the oyster farms and 2 processing plants, and a county campground park. Welllllll … three days ago the one and only store opened and we, of course, went to the grand

Actually, I’m tickled at what the ‘store’ has to offer and it will make daily living in our village a bit more convenient. The new owner is from Long Beach area (highly tourist draw on the WA coastline) so she brought with her a bit of the flavor of Long Beach in conceptualizing our store in Bay Center. The store offers a pizza, deli and dessert bar; necessary grocery items, the beginnings of a gift line (oh we do get the ocassional tourists here) and a cozy relax sitting area with new polished wood burning stove, couch and chairs, newspapers and magazines, and this nifty reproduction record player that actual plays LPs (I want one!).

So now, instead of going the 12 miles into the nearest ‘town’ for the daily needs like milk, bread, eggs, cheese and such, we can go the 1/2 block to our own little store in Bay Center. Woo hoo!
Oh, and she even introduced a new line of coffee blend = Bay Center blend. My, my aren’t we upscale now? No espresso though, not yet anyway. (Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are known to drink a lot of espresso .. you know, the latte although I prefer a vanilla breve.) Me and the dog, Jake, can take a stroll down to the store and have a morning coffee and cinnamon roll while listening to some great vintage music LP playing on the record player. And yes, my dog can go into the store with me, cause it’s that kind of laid back community here.

Next – those developers trying to cultivate a high-end housing development around the ‘lake’. The plan is for 70 lots, selling at about $400,000 for the lot alone. So it’s not hard to imagine what kind of houses will eventually go up on those lots. I worry some, cause we moved here to get away from those insta-grow developments and the cookie cutter shop malls that go with them. I wanted to find a place that didn’t yet have a McDonalds or Super grocery store or Super any store and not likely to get such in near future. We’re not in jeorpardy yet…..but, still I worry some that our sleepy little paradise village, not more than a road sign on the state highway, will be ‘found’ and transformed. I like the identity this community already has and has had for the past century. Developers – stay away from here – and people, don’t come to Bay Center except as a drive through tourist.

The locals aren’t as concerned as I am, cause they’ve seen high hope developers come into this community before and try to develop a not quite gated community, but one of those development ‘estates’ with a fancy name like Rialto Beach or Meadow Woods or some such similar type name. But, I’m still concerned and time will tell.

photo of the ‘lake’ area which developers hope to turn into McMega House estates.

awww….don’t mow it down. photo of the first swatch of lake area being mowed down, next comes the sale of the lots, then comes the mega-mansions dotted all around the lake.


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