No Impact Man blog – urban New York family experiment – one year of no impact

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Well good for him and his wife and their small child. He decided to put into action and action plan to reduce his family impact on the environment – in the urban setting of New York city. Instead of mouthing all the assortment of platitudes, he decided to make a committment, reduce their environmental footpring and is blogging about it.

While I self congratulate on the efforts we have made in our family towards reductionism, No Impact Man takes it further. I’ll be following along with his blog and maybe commenting from time to time. It’s not easy to make so dramatic a change so suddenly, so it sounds like his blogging will serve as a kind of ‘how to tutorial’.

We moved away from urban setting/city to try to find more meaning in our daily lives by going backwards in time. And we did so before it was ‘popular’ to be environmentally conscious about the effects of global warming. We were doing fairly well with what was then termed ‘intentional,meaningful, simple living’.

Then Sept 2001, then President Bush decided to invade and occupy Iraq. Two members of our family found themselves in Iraq. One was already military, the other enlisted after 9/11. We hadn’t been a military family for decades, since we were in our 20s during Vietnam war and now here we were again a ‘military family’. After a bit of internal ambiguity, I decided to become a military family speaking out borrowing from my own life experience as a young military wife during Vietnam war, and as what is affectionately termed a ‘military brat’ being raised as a child on military bases.

I threw myself into this new arena (for me) of activism, in earnest hope that with enough voices, enough counter energy, surely Americans would not want to support the creation of another Vietnam type situation. I gave it all up to trying to be among the contributors to end this war in Iraq the first year, the second year, the third year, the fourth year. Now as we move into the fifth year, I find I can not keep up that level of intensity and want to put some other of my life elements back into balance. Returning to some of the philosophies of our intentional lifestyle, I find they are now repackaged with new labels as a result of the buzz around ‘global warming’.

Good, great, and I’m down with that since the more concerned citizens taking action steps towards another kind of counter revolution the better. A different kind of activism! I already have blogging outlets for my thoughtful reflections and opinions about how this Administration is managing the war in Iraq, so I don’t need this blog as a pulpit or venue for expressing those concerns. Along the way of my journey these past four years into activism, I’ve also been exposed to and learned a great deal about environment, intentional corporatism, and the grotesqueness of full blown consumerism as thieves in the night taking from people’s lives their very consciousness of meaningful living.

So Mr. No Impact Man, it’s great to have run across your blog today and thank you and your family for what you are doing.


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