Friday the 13th. Devil shows up at our house

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So we;’ve been busy every morning of my vacation chasing our internet priorities and the afternoons continuing or working around the house or yard.

I’m an older guy now flying around the hive trying to find the place where I want to fit in, where I want to make and store honey, and where I want to help make a more attractive and livable hive. Still haven’t totally discovered what that is so I live in a constant frustation – exacerbated by weariness in employment and longing for the day I can retire.

My job is mentally and emotionally draining every day. My Sweetie says average career doing that one duty before needing to transfer to other duties is 7 years. I’m closing in on 14 years at it. Can’t transfer cause nowhere in the office to transfer. Don’t want promotions cause I’d end up promoting and monitoring the very poison I drink now.

So I’m cranky at home, flail about sometimes emotionally and smack my Sweetie on her emotional nose – which makes us both uncomfortable. Today I lost my temper and whew had a discussion that was long overdue. Wouldn’t you know it would be on Friday the 13th?

She gave me insights witthout ultimatums and they hit me like a splash of cold water on a sleeper or a blast of extremely strong coffee on a drunk. “Thanks! I needed that!” wake up call. Like I was hypnotized and when she snapped her fingers verbally, I woke up.

New perspective on an old perspective that served us well when courting and early marriage.

Karl and Eve, our across-the-street neighbors arrived from Seattle Thu night. After going to town for groceries, we went to their studio and visited for a couple of hours while Karl made the report and showed us his album from his recent trip to France and Britain where Eve joined him.

Then home to unload groceries.
Worked on my NBA fantasy which we both agree keeps my mind healthy with it’s heavy demand on mental agility, math and imagination.
Watched Bill Maher, ate some supper, finally wearied out around 10:30. We fell asleep in bed less than ten minutes into the evening news.

Deersong’s husband


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