Finding a Focus – Voluntary Simplistic Living

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Three plus years ago, my focus was transitioning to a down-sized, more simplistic, more meaningful lifestyle, and we’ve been converting to a shift in our belief system ever since. Without realizing it, we already held the acorns of a belief system not clearly defined by us for ourselves. Over the past three years as we’ve undergone changes in our lifestyle focus, our belief system has indeed crystallized for us. Three years ago, I was reading what other people do when they decide to make a life change to voluntarily quest for more meaningful living through simplicity. It was a concept I was embracing.

And then ……..

U.S. invasion into Iraq and two in our family are returning Iraq veterans. And I became a reluctant activist. This blog isn’t about my three plus years as an activist, but the activities of being a military family speaking out activist have certainly gone a long way to helping us define for ourselves our own belief system and values. My daughter’s family paid us a visit and she has begun her own quest for a change in dietary habits, which has placed her feet on a path to discover vegan. As she researches, explores, and adapts and thus being a wife, mother and hearth of the family, so does her family begin to adapt, I recognized the journey she has begun.
And I felt the shot of inspiration to revisit my own interest theme of simplistic living as a lifestyle. Well, quick review via google, and we are already there in our lifestyle.

It gives me pause to recognize that the blog, Wonderwander, one of my very first blogs, has been long orphaned and without direction, focus or form. I’ve gone on to create many other blogs, and connected with bloggers who share my interest and passion for ending Iraq occupation, bringing our troops home and taking care of them when they get home. But for this blog, which didn’t quite fit, I wasn’t ready to delete it, thinking some day, after helping to bring about end to Iraq war, I would return to my former life – what I call my life before the war. I had my own timeline that I carried in my head – one year and I’ll give my undivided attention to help end it quickly. Okay two years then, and I’ll give my undivided attention. Okay three years and I’ll give my undivided attention. Now it is beyond three years and I still give my undivided attention with some idea I will return to my former life when this war is ended and our troops are out of there.

The recognition for me is that my life has changed exactly as a result of having become a reluctant activist. How does voluntary, simplistic living factor into activism? Oh, they are very much related, and what started for me three years ago as a concept has been considerably deepened by three years of activism, and a recognition of a lifestyle we already live – we being my husband and me. So, with that in mind, and as result of my daughter’s visit this week, and her own exploration into life change to vegan, I had the inspiration this morning of what I wanted to do with this blog and where I want to take it. I’ll be reworking it, but for now, this serves as my announcement for what direction Wonderwander will take….



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