Calling our Monkey Puzzle Tree a Dinosauer? – Well, I guess it is, sorta

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Oh, this woman doesn’t like the infamous Monkey Puzzle Tree. I followed her comment from one blog to her own blog (not online any longer) and she has a post about what another writer calls the Dinosaur Tree.

Well, we have one, over 92 yrs old now and I can tell you that the writer was spot on in calling it a Dinosaur Tree. It is left over from that era it seems to me, since it is not exactly a friendly sort of tree. I’ve read the writer’s assessment before somewhere, and was amused then, but I see it is a copyright, so I won’t reprint it here. Leave it to the woman who blogged it at her blog to deal with copyright issue.


Ever wondered why even the most die-hard of all treehuggers won’t touch this tree, not even with a barge pole? Because it’s bloody lethal, that’s why! Look at those sharp and stiff leaves. They last for 10 to 15 years, the little blighters. That tells you something about how tough they are. Not forgetting those cones the female trees produce, which are 6 to 12 inches long and look a bit like coconuts. It’s really not wise to stand beneath a female tree when she’s shedding her cones!

For reference though, here is a photo of our aged monkey puzzle tree – named such as what monkey could ever figure out how to navigate a monkey puzzle tree without serious damage to the monkey! The leaves (if you can call them that) are indeed needle sharp and will stab you when you try to pick them up. I know because I learned not to handle them when they fall off our tree – I use a rake.

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