40 Years Smoking and I did it – Quit – cold turkey!

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40 year smoker at a pack a day. My husband, smoker for 12 years cared enough to quit first and lead the way for me. I know better than to become the ‘reformed smoker’ who nags other smokers to quit. All I can do is share what helped me get to the place of being able to mentally embrace the concept of quitting smoking. I’m only 9 days ‘clean and free of nicotine’ so I’m still vulnerable and susceptible to a relapse – but I don’t think that is going to happen. I don’t sense or feel a relapse in the cards for me. And the why of that is another blog entry.

I have read all the ‘ills’ of smoking over the decades, but rarely come across reading that tells me what is good about smoking. Yes, that’s right, I said what’s ‘good’ about smoking. I don’t see myself as a bad person and need to know that beyond addiction what is that cigarettes do for me that makes it so hard to quit.

Might then I recommend some reading that helped me because it actually indicates what is good about smoking; not why one should continue but what the brain/body rewards one gets out of smoking. The reading also helps break down what one can expect in quitting hour by hour! Going in better prepared, I am able to outlast my brain signals of cravings as those cravings go from the discomfort of intensely fierce to nagging reminder to those longer periods of time of what is actual comfort.

So let me recommend;

Nicotine Withdrawal and Recovery Symptoms
The Effects of Nicotine Cessation
by John R Polito
(a former smoker – takes one to know one, eh?)



  1. This was an incredible thing. Back then in my office at work was a large picture of a headless turkey with a headline than unabashedly declared that you could not quit anything “cold turkey.”
    Boy! Did my Sweetheart ever blow that notion out of the water!


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